How NOT To Treat Bad Breath: The Worst
Remedies For Bad Breath!

Excessive use of mouthwash: Use this at your peril! The majority of mouthwashes actually WORSEN your bad breath problem!

Breath mints and flavors: A pleasing smelling mouth doesn’t mean that you have a healthy mouth. Excessive use of mints may create a fertile breeding ground for bad bacteria.

Chewing gum: Chewing gum does increase salivary juice flow, but only masks bad breath and the effect are just cursory. Try drinking water throughout the day instead, which keeps you in good health as well.

Chewing tobacco: Smokeless tobacco is a health hazard and causes gums to dissolve and increases the chance of losing the material that hold your teeth in firmness, and above all causes oral cancer.

Vodka, martinis or whiskey: Alcohol is a drying agent and may further increase the problem by making your mouth too dry.

Brushing with cleanser: Many chemicals used in your home are poisonous and should not be used for brushing your teeth.

Intestinal cleansing methods: Bad breath doesn’t originate in the stomach or intestine. It originates in your mouth.

Tongue piercing: Very dangerous! It creates laceration and wounds, and provides an entry-point for bacteria that worsens your problem considerably! If you think “ordinary” bad breath is bad, you should try having a tongue infection on top of it!

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