People with chronic and breath face a life of constant struggle to be accepted into society in the way that they would wish.  The complaint can be traumatic — changing the way a person lives their life.

Very often when people become aware of their disability they overcompensate with respect to oral hygiene, hoping that a clean fresh mouth will equate to a clean fresh breath.  Unfortunately in many cases, the offensive breath is not the result of an unclean mouth but other physical processes that are taking place in the stomach.

That is why many bad breath cures are ineffective — they are targeting the wrong area.  During the digestive process the stomach reduces odors which can be carried by the bloodstream to the lungs where they foul the breath.

So in the event that you have determined that your bad breath is being produced by your digestive tract the best course of action open to you is to consult with your doctor.  It may be that you are wrong! There are some illnesses and diseases which can cause bad breath too.

But if you are cleared by your dentist and doctor itis almost certain that your problem can be traced to the food and drink that you partake, and you will need to spend some time in the process of trial and error to determine which foods and all drinks are causing your embarrassment.

This will not be achieved overnight and a supplemental option can be a great help at this time. There are some commercial products that do quite a good job in this respect and a highly regarded.  

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