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Learn How to Cure Halitosis and Bad Breath


Information about bad breath (halitosis) causes such as poor oral hygiene, sinus infections, tonsillitis, certain foods, smoking, and other medical disorders. Can be found at:
Having bad breath or halitosis is an embarrassing situation that can lead to problems in relationships and work.
Learning how to cure halitosis  involves knowing what precise strategies and techniques are needed to treat chronic halitosis; it is important to identify the real causes behind the problem, and then use the precise tools and treatments that target the underlying causes rather than just the symptoms.

How Do You Cure Bad Breath? Step by Step GuideHow Do You Cure Bad Breath?

Most of us would rather find a miracle product which could eliminate our stinky breath quickly, ideally in a matter of seconds, just by rinsing our mouths with it or doing a bit of gargling. Unfortunately, this product does not exist, despite what many companies claim. Not even the best oxygenating mouthwashes are up to the job of treating chronic Bad Breath.

Thus, the only option left for the chronic halitosis sufferer is to address the underlying causes of the problem. Given that there are so many different factors, conditions and diseases which can cause bad breath, not to mention the fact that often multiple causes are involved, it is very difficult to get to the bottom of the problem unless a rigorous and methodical approach is used.

Understanding how to eliminate bad breath by identifying the underlying causes of the bad breath problem and then using targeted remedies and treatments is the only way that will eventually lead to a permanent bad breath cure.

Some of the causes of bad breath include:

  • Tobacco chewing
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Gum (periodontal) disease
  • Anemia

Finally, dry mouth causes bad breath. When you have dry mouth, especially in the morning, dead cells accumulate in the mouth and decompose causing foul odor.

Follow the 14-Step How to Cure Halitosis™ method. Learn how to cure bad breath step by step and find out the exact remedies or treatments you need to use in order to target your particular type of bad breath:
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Bad Breath and Dating: Eliminate Bad Breath

Why Bad Breath Could Be The Hidden Cause

Of Your Dating Failures!

Think about it! Bad Breath can affect many areas in your life. You need a remedy and fast!

The Bad Breath Report is a great place to start.

One of the First things to do is find the Cause of your Bad Breath.

If you have the looks, and the personality, and say all the right things, but still can’t get the girl you want,  it may be because she finds you so disgusting on such a fundamental level that her brain actually thinks you’re a threat to her life!

Yes, really! Does that shock you? No doubt you’re a very nice person, so it probably does but, if you have bad breath, it may well be true. She might even think you’re extremely handsome, but an ancient brain system, originally designed to identify rotten food, literally FORCED her to reject you! The moment it detected your bad breath, the decision not to have anything to do with you was made, probably without her even realizing it.

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Learn How Dry Mouth Can Stimulate Bad Breath

Bad breath is something that all of us have. Unfortunately some of us have it much worse then others. There are many things that can cause bad breath. The most common are the types of foods that we eat or drink. But did you know that there are certain common bodily condition that can create it?

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A Self-Test For Bad Breath

We can’t smell our own bad breath but people we associate with can! The degree of bad breath depends mainly on oral dryness and amount of residual toxins in the mouth.

The simplest method to check whether you have bad breath or not, is to lick the back of your wrist and allow the saliva to dry for some time and smell the area.

Another easy way is to lightly scrape the back of the tongue with an inverted spoon or a piece of dental floss, and to test for the smell of the dried residue.

You may need to ask your spouse to smell your breath and give you a proper opinion.

Of late, highly reliable home tests are made available which test for the presence of polyamines and sulfur compounds on tongue swabs. You may need to test several times in a day to arrive at an average result.

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Home Remedies For Bad Breath, Bad Breath Cure

Home Remedies For Bad Breath, Bad Breath Cure

Who would want to have bad breath or halitosis? I don’t think anybody would want to have bad breath. Unfortunately, no matter how much we hated to have one if we do not take good care our oral and dental health, it is possible that we can have bad breath. But, do not think that proper oral and dental hygiene is the only reason for your bad breath.

There are some factors that can cause the odor of your mouth. Whatever the reasons maybe for your bad breath condition, it has to be cured. If you concern about having bad breath or halitosis, here are a few tips about home remedy for bad breath that may help you to prevent or cure

Bad breath is often due to the lack of moisture in your mouth. It is best to drink plenty of water to replenish dry tissues of the mouth and flush any food particles stuck in between teeth. It is often recommended that we drink eight glasses of water each day and this advice will go a long way to reducing bad breath. If you feel like drowning drinking the recommended dosage of water, one best way to moisturize one’s mouth is by eating fresh fruits

Gargling Mouthwash several times a day is not the solution. People who use mouthwash the most often are most likely to have bad breath. Although mouthwash do help to get rid of bacteria and freshen your breath, it also consist of ingredients that can dry your mouth. Hence, using it too many times a day can cause adverse effect instead.

Gargling with baking soda and water is one of the easier home remedy for bad breath. The baking soda assists in neutralizing the bacteria in your mouth and often is successful when used occasionally. Mouth wash is another quick and easy fix. Whether it is store bought mouth wash, or by means of a herbal concoction you find in a magazine, it is a good home remedy for halitosis. The most important way to rid yourself of halitosis, is to increase the number of times you brush and floss your teeth in a day. Flossing is very important, since it rids the teeth of plaque that builds up, resulting in halitosis.

One of the easiest remedies to cure bad breath is consuming sugarless yogurt. You can add this to your routine meals to see the effect yourself. A Japanese study cleared that people who had included sugarless yogurt in their diet had minor hydrogen sulfide levels compared to those people who did not eat it. Hydrogen sulfide causes bad breath amongst most people. Yogurt helps in reducing bad breath as it contains various live bacteria, such as lactobacillus.

Cranberries are another thing that people have found to be effective when it comes to fighting bad breath, try drinking cranberry juice more often, even just a couple of glasses per day might make a big difference.

By: John Adison

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What Is Halitosis Breath?

Halitosis breath is simply bad breath or offensive breath, and basically derives from two areas of the body, namely the oral cavity (mouth) or the lungs. It is very important to find the cause of Bad Breath.

If it’s the oral cavity that’s giving offensive breath it will be for one of three reasons:

1.    deposits of plaque and decaying food on or between the teeth,
2.    decaying teeth and
3.    Infected gums.

If the offense is coming from the lungs it is because offensive gases have been deposited there from other parts of the body by the bloodstream.  An example would be the gases that are produced in the gastrointestinal tract.  Diabetes too, can be a derivative of offensive odors that find their way through the bloodstream to the lungs where they contaminate the breath.

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Do You Have Chronic Bad Breath?

Do You Have Chronic Bad Breath?

Chronic bad breath is not the sort of thing that, if we have it, we can expect people to tell us about.  It is a good friend indeed who can muster the courage to warn us of the fact that our breath is offensive.

On the other hand we also find it very difficult to ask somebody if we are giving offence.  It just isn’t the sort of thing is easy to do.

But one way or the other, if we are cursed with this malady, we eventually find out about it and are then faced with the question: what to do?

Chronic bad breath is a condition that is traditionally treated orally in the first instance.  Treatment is usually self-generated and consists of a frenzy of teeth cleaning and flossing followed by the multi-daily mouthwashes and continuous gum chewing.

If that doesn’t have the desired effect, the next step usually  is to visit the dentist to have a check on our teeth and gums so as to rule out the possibility of the odor arising from those places.

 What is not generally recognized is that halitosis can actually be caused by the food we eat simply because some foods or combinations of foods can generate offensive gases in the stomach which can then be transmitted to the bloodstream and carried to the lungs thus causing the offensive breath.

Establishing what food or foods can cause this problem in individual cases can be a very long drawn-out affair and a supplementary aid may be indicated.  Such a supplement is Clorial, which manages oral hygiene from the inside out, Progressive Health’s potent halitosis formula helps to combat your problem safely and effectively.  Click here to seehow Clorial can help you — fast!


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How to Get Rid of Bad Breath Help!

“Top Rated and Reviewed

Bad Breath Treatments”

Bad Breath Halitosis — Treatment Information

Have you experienced any of the following?
  • People step back from you when you are talking to them,
     or they avoid direct contact with you.
    • You frequently have a bad taste in your mouth. 
      Somebody has commented on your bad breath,
       or offered you mints or chewing gum.
      You experience a white or yellow film on your tongue.
      Your bad breath is interfering with your social
    •  or professional success.
    Have NO Fear HELP is Here!

There are a variety of
Bad Breath Treatment Products!

products listed below can provide the help you are seeking. Plus, we even
have provided a link to a FREE downloadable ebook
on Oral Health Care and Hygiene.

5 Stars:

#1 Pick

product line has been rated vary effective in
the Treatment of Bad Breath and Oral Hygiene in today’s fast
paced world.

This amazing product line was developed by Dr. Katz to solve
chronic bad breath. The truth is that many people suffer from
this condition although in varying degrees. Some people only
have problems after consuming foods with strong odors, others
have killer morning breath. Then there are the individuals plagued
by bad breath  24 hours each and every day.

good new is Therabreath
has a range of oral care products that
deal with each of reasons for bad breath.

* What we
really like about Therabreath is that they provide a FREE
period to try the package of oral health products. You
only pay for the shipping costs and get a full 14 day Trial
period to evaluate the products. So there is really nothing to
lose other than the shipping costs which is only fair.
Free Trail Below contains over $60.00 worth of Products.



4 Stars

#2 Pick

To Quickly And Easily Cure Your

Bad Breath Using Household

Here are some of the secrets you’ll discover
in this exciting report…

A simple 4-step plan you can use TODAY to
get rid of bad breath forever. (You won’t
believe curing bad breath could be this simple… but it
single cause of virtually ALL cases of bad breath
and what you can do to control it… no matter how
serious your condition, or how long you’ve had it. You
need never be self-conscious, or embarrassed, about your
breath again.
Why almost everyone has bad breath
from one time to another… and what you can do about
it, to make sure your breath always stays fresh.
What foods could be triggering your
bad breath. These are NOT just the obvious ones you know
about. Simply cutting down on these foods could be all
you need to make your problem vanish into thin air.
A dirt-cheap solution that extinguishes
— Bad Breath in 90 seconds..

There is a lot of information in this downloadable book
the can help solve your Bad Breath problems.


3 Stars:

#3 Pick

Oral Health Kit Oral Health Kit

Keep your gums healthy, your breath fresh, and your teeth white so you can smile with confidence!

Everything You’ll Need for a Natural,
Beautiful Smile and Great Breath!

The Oral Health Kit from New Vitality includes everything
you need to keep your teeth, gums, and tongue clean so you
can smile with confidence. It utilizes the power of natural
ingredients for a refreshing deep clean that will keep your
mouth healthy and your breath fresh.

Oral Health Kit Benefits

  • Aktive 02 – promotes healthy gums by oxygenating
    the gumline
  • Perio Solution – the effective, non-alcoholic
  • Perio Gel – an oral gel with natural ingredients
  • Toothbrush & Tongue Scraper – supports a
    clean mouth and removes unwanted bacteria

Special Web Savings on New Vitality Health Products

Watch the Video below on How To Tell if You Have BAD

Bad Breath and Oral
Health  – Did You

to Download for FREE!

Did you know certain foods, health conditions and
habits are among the causes of bad breath? Sometimes you can improve bad
breath with proper dental hygiene. But, if simple self-care techniques
don’t solve the problem, you may want to see your dentist to be sure a
more serious condition isn’t causing your bad breath. We recommend the Therabreath

because it was developed by a Dentist named Dr. Katz
who specializes in the treatment of Bad Breath.

Just what is

Halitosis, or more commonly bad breath, are terms
that describe noticeably unpleasant odors exhaled in breathing –
whether the smell is from an oral source or not. Halitosis has a
significant impact – personally and socially – on those who suffer
from it or believe they do (halitophobia), and is estimated to be
the 3rd most frequent reason for seeking dental aid, followed by

periodontal disease and tooth decay.

  • Dental problems. Unhealthy dental hygiene and
    periodontal disease can be a source of bad breath. If you don’t
    brush and floss daily, food particles remain in your mouth, collect
    bacteria and emit hydrogen sulfide vapors. Plus, a form of bacteria
    called (plaque) accumulates on your teeth. If not brushed away,
    plaque can irritate your gums (gingivitis) and cause tooth decay.
    Eventually, plaque-filled pockets can form between your teeth and
    gums (periodontitis), making the problem and your breath worse.
    Dentures that aren’t cleaned properly or don’t fit can also harbor
    odor-causing bacteria and food particles.
  • Food. The breakdown of food
    particles in and around your teeth can cause a foul odor. Eating
    foods containing volatile oils is another source of bad breath.
    Onions and garlic are the best-known examples, but other vegetables
    and spices also can cause bad breath. After these foods are digested
    and the pungent oils are absorbed into your bloodstream, they’re
    carried to your lungs and are given off in your breath until the
    food is eliminated from your body. Onions and garlic can cause bad
    breath for as long as 72 hours after you’ve eaten them.
  • Dry mouth. Saliva keeps the
    mouth clean and moist. Dry mouth allows dead cells to accumulate on
    your tongue, gums and cheeks. These cells decompose and cause odor.
    A dry mouth can naturally occur during sleep. This is what causes
    “morning breath.” Dry mouth is even more of a problem if
    you sleep with your mouth open. Some medications as well as smoking
    can lead to a chronic dry mouth, as can a problem with your salivary
  • Mouth, nose and throat conditions.
    Bad breath is also associated with sinus infections because nasal
    discharge from your sinuses into the back of your throat can cause
    mouth odor. A child with bad breath may have a foreign object lodged
    in his or her nose. A bean or small item stuck in the nose can cause
    persistent nasal discharge and a foul odor. Throat infections can
    cause bad breath until they clear. Bronchitis and other upper
    respiratory infections in which you cough up odorous sputum are
    other sources of bad breath.
  • Diseases. Chronic lung
    infections and lung abscesses can produce very foul-smelling breath.
    Illnesses, such as some cancers and certain metabolic disorders, can
    cause a distinctive breath odor. Kidney failure can cause a
    urine-like odor, and liver failure may cause an odor described as
    “fishy.” People with uncontrolled diabetes often have a
    fruity breath odor. Chronic reflux of stomach acids from your
    stomach (gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD) also has been
    associated with bad breath.
  • Heavy dieting. Dieters may
    develop unpleasant “fruity” breath from ketoacidosis, the
    breakdown of chemicals during fasting.
  • Tobacco products. Smoking
    dries out your mouth and causes its own unpleasant mouth odor.
    Tobacco users are also more likely to have periodontal disease, an
    additional source of bad breath.

Based on all the facts
and Treatments regarding Bad Breath and Halitosis we recommend giving
the Therabreath
a test drive. You have nothing to lose and
everything to gain.

Rights Reserved Worldwide.

This website is for informational and advertising purposes. Always consult
a medical professional before starting any type of treatment plan.


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Bad breath cause: Part II

Do you suffer from diabetes?

If you do not…

But you still have bad breath, even your oral hygiene is first class and are diligent about eating and drinking foods and beverages promote bad breath, it’s possible, and only possible, i that you have diabetes.

If you do…

You may not know that diabetes can cause bad breath. The good news is though is that it’s fixable.

You will know how important it is to be continually aware of your blood sugar levels. But did you know that desired blood sugar can be maintained by adopting a healthy diet?

No special diet is needed. Just:

•    Be sure to eat a minimum of 4.5 oz (130 grams) of high fiber carbohydrates daily (bread, pasta, rice, cereals, starchy vegetables and fruit)
•    Avoid full fat dairy products (milk, cream, butter, cheese, ice-cream, yoghurt), meat fat, meat products, fried foods, pastries and cakes
•    Abstain from alcohol, soda drinks and candy
•    Drink lots of water

Basically the deal is that if you follow what you know is the appropriate way to control your blood sugar levels, control of your halitosis will be an automatic spin-off.

But this is not always easy to do and it is comforting to have a back-up strategy in case of real need.



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How [Do I] Cure Bad Breath?

How [Do I] Cure Bad Breath?

Bad breath is a continual problem for a surprisingly large segment of the population and can create embarrassing situations; not only socially, but professionally.

So, how do we cure bad breath?

I’d like just to look at the most usual cause of bad breath: the lack of effective oral hygiene.  To put it bluntly, most people just don’t brush their teeth often enough. They intend to—but they don’t often follow their good intentions

 It is vital to realize that the buildup of plaque and bacteria is a continuous 24/7/365 process. It simply never stops. And if we don’t interrupt this process by effective cleansing of the teeth, we develop caries, gingivitis and intimately periodontitis.

Plaque build-up, teeth with cavities (caries), gingivitis and periodontitis are all capable of generating bad breath.

And we can stop all that occurring by simply brushing and flossing out teeth at least daily.

But it’s a much better idea to do that after every meal and again before going to bed. This will prevent the build-up of plaque getting to the stage where bad things start to happen.

It is important to use toothpaste that contains fluoride as this ensures a strengthening of the tooth enamel.

Another critical and often overlooked practice is to clean the larger spaces between the teeth with mini-brushes such as ‘Picksters’.

You can discover more by going here.

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