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Bad Breath: What Causes It And How To Get Rid Of It


What Causes Bad Breath?

Knowing how to get rid of bad breath is integral in
eliminating and curing your Bad Breath, also know as halitosis. The
article below explains this in more detail.

Bad Breath: What Causes It And How To Get Rid Of It

For a majority of people, bad breath is not just an occasional problem. Indeed, it is one that they have to deal with every single day. It can be terribly exasperating, especially when you think that it is incurable. However, there are ways to fight against the bad odor. First and foremost, what you need to be aware of is what the causes of bad breath are.

What Causes Bad Breath?

Some people mistakenly think that what they eat is the main cause of the distinctly offending odor. The truth is, this is not always the sole reason. Bad breath or halitosis is caused by anaerobic, sulfur causing bacteria that accumulate underneath the tongue. This bacteria produces volatile sulfur compounds, also called VSCs. These compounds can have a stench of garbage or smelly socks. These compounds can also create a disagreeable taste in your mouth.
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Home Remedies For Bad Breath, Bad Breath Cure

Who would want to have bad breath or halitosis? I don’t think anybody would want to have bad breath. Unfortunately, no matter how much we hated to have one if we do not take good care our oral and dental health, it is possible that we can have bad breath. But, do not think that proper oral and dental hygiene is the only reason for your bad breath. Even sinus problems can cause bad breath.

There are some factors that can cause the odor of your mouth. Whatever the reasons maybe for your bad breath condition, it has to be cured. If you concern about having bad breath or halitosis, here are a few tips about home remedy for bad breath that may help you to prevent or cure.

Bad breath is often due to the lack of moisture in your mouth. It is best to drink plenty of water to replenish dry tissues of the mouth and flush any food particles stuck in between teeth. It is often recommended that we drink eight glasses of water each day and this advice will go a long way to reducing bad breath. If you feel like drowning drinking the recommended dosage of water, one best way to moisturize one’s mouth is by eating fresh fruits

Gargling Mouthwash several times a day is not the solution. People who use mouthwash the most often are most likely to have bad breath. Although mouthwash do help to get rid of bacteria and freshen your breath, it also consist of ingredients that can dry your mouth. Hence, using it too many times a day can cause adverse effect instead.

Gargling with baking soda and water is one of the easier home remedy for bad breath. The baking soda assists in neutralizing the bacteria in your mouth and often is successful when used occasionally. Mouth wash is another quick and easy fix. Whether it is store bought mouth wash, or by means of a herbal concoction you find in a magazine, it is a good home remedy for halitosis. The most important way to rid yourself of halitosis, is to increase the number of times you brush and floss your teeth in a day. Flossing is very important, since it rids the teeth of plaque that builds up, resulting in halitosis.

One of the easiest remedies to cure bad breath is consuming sugarless yogurt. You can add this to your routine meals to see the effect yourself. A Japanese study cleared that people who had included sugarless yogurt in their diet had minor hydrogen sulfide levels compared to those people who did not eat it. Hydrogen sulfide causes bad breath amongst most people. Yogurt helps in reducing bad breath as it contains various live bacteria, such as lactobacillus.

Cranberries are another thing that people have found to be effective when it comes to fighting bad breath, try drinking cranberry juice more often, even just a couple of glasses per day might make a big difference.

By: John Adison

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Bad Breath Remedies

Understandably bad breath remedies are much sought after; nobody needs bad breath. But the number of remedies probably outweighs the number of people suffering from the complaint, and this article will examine some significant points that you should weigh up before you seek for the ultimate over-the-counter remedy.

Simply put there are only two places from which bad breath can be generated: your mouth or your lungs

If your mouth is the culprit, just honestly check out your oral hygiene regime.  It is very likely that you are not flossing and brushing and your teeth after each meal and before going to bed.

 Use an electric toothbrush if you can afford it, but whatever, brush with up, up or down, down strokes from the gums to the teeth — never with up and down strokes.   This is the most efficient way of cleaning your teeth, apart from helping prevent gum shrinkage.

Flossing is something that most people forget to do.  But it’s one of the most effective bad breath remedies.  There are many products on the market these days that help in this regard.  Talk to your druggist or pharmacist, they can show you some natty little tools.

If having done that that you still have bad breath, it’s time to see your dentist, because unknowingly you may have decaying teeth or gum disease — or both.

And if your dentist tells you all was well? Then your bad breath is emanating from your lungs, and that means you should go see your doctor because you need to make sure that you haven’t got one of a number of illnesses that can cause bad breath.

But the fact is that most bad breath problems are the result of poor oral hygiene and frankly this is often because the pressures of living cause us simply to forget.  And there is a place in our life for a product that will tide us over the bad patches.

I recommend that you consider Clorial – an all natural chewable supplement that has been specifically formulated to support oral hygiene and put an end bad breath.

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Bad Breath Cause and Consequences

The primary reason for bad breath is ineffective, insufficient or non-existent oral hygiene.

But it must be said that not properly cleaning your teeth creates more problems, and more serious problems, than simply bad breath.
So let’s examine these problems:


From the day you were born until the day that you die your mouth is and will be populated by saliva bacteria and acids.  These materials continually come together and form into in a colorless sticky film called plaque.  This plaque mineralizes into tartar if it is not removed, and as time goes by can cause serious problems.


The first problem to surface as a result of not adopting strict oral hygiene is a disorder known as gingivitis.  This is indicated by swollen and irritated gums which result from the tartar build-up along the line where the teeth meet the gums.  The gums become sore and may bleed easily.  This condition can manifest in as short a time as seven days if you are not attending to the cleansing of your teeth.  However gingivitis can be quickly cured simply by resorting to effective oral hygiene.


In a situation where teeth are not cleaned and all, gingivitis will morph into periodontitis, which results in infection and inflammation of the bones and ligaments that support the teeth.  If periodontitis is not treated the teeth will ultimately loosen and fall out.  Sadly, the effects of periodontitis are irreversible, — although its progression can be curtailed simply by reverting to adequate cleansing of the teeth and consulting your dentist.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay will almost certainly be a further outcome of plaque build-up.  Acids that are produced by plaque attack tooth enamel and in time damage it to the point where cavities form.

Discover more about the permanent elimination of bad breath.

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Bad Breath – Cause (and Cure)

There are many reasons why people develop bad breath.

The most common cause is, without doubt, is ineffective oral hygiene. This results in the food particles that remain in the teeth decaying within a very short time and causing the production of foul smelling gases. This can happen within one hour of brushing the teeth.

This is why brushing the teeth after every meal is so important.

Insufficient saliva can also be a of bad breath cause —that is why our breath can be a bit off when we wake up of a morning. Most people simply don’t continually drink small amounts of water during their waking hours, which results in their becoming dehydrated to some extent. To that extent their mouth dries and the possibility bad breath comes into play.

It is a common assumption among people that freedom from toothache means their teeth must be free of caries. Unfortunately this isn’t so—cavities don’t always carry an attendant ache or pain. Rotting teeth will pretty well always produce bad breath.

Yet another cause of bad breath is gingivitis— an irritation of the gums that is mostly caused by the dental plaque that accumulates in the small gaps between the gums and the teeth.

The smell of some foods such as garlic and onions, and drinks such as alcohol, once in the stomach, can be transmitted via the stomach wall into the bloodstream and then to the lungs where they can produce an offensive breath.

Less commonly, there are many diseases and ailments which can cause bad breath. Examples are cancer, diabetes, sinusitis and bronchitis.

Further information on the treatment of Halitosis can be found here.

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