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Get Rid of Tonsil Stones, Tonsilloliths, Bad Breath


SUMMARY:Tonsil stones are very misdiagnosed and are more common than most people think. By knowing what they are, how they are caused, one can follow simple steps in order to prevent and remove tonsil stones without having surgery.

Stop Tonsil Stones and Bad Breath!

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Tonsil Stones Deluxe Kit
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TheraBreath products are used by millions of people worldwide. Read some of their success stories below.
“I have always had enlarged tonsils and would occasionally get tonsil stones which led to bad breath. I started with the toothpaste and mouthwash, then got my 9 year old son started. I now have no more bad breath or tonsil stones. Thanks SO much.”
-Rachel R. (Springfield, IL)
“I have always had a problem with halitosis and with allergies. I had tried all the other products, but they never worked. I finally found your Sinus Spray. One spray every morning in each nostril and I haven’t had my problems since. ”
-Pamela A. (Austin, TX)
“I did not know what I had going on in my throat until this year. I ‘had’ tonsil stones. I ordrerd Aktiv Oxigen Serum, tablets and the kit and 14 days later I had no sign of any tonsil stones. My mouth and tongue have never felt and looked this good!”
-Lin N. (Reno, NV)

Tonsil Stones and Tonsilloliths Can Be PreventedTonsil stones, also known as tonsilloliths, are caused by an accumulation of sulfur-producing bacteria and debris that become lodged in the tonsils. The debris, which can include mucous from post nasal drip, putrifies in the back of your throat and collects in the tonsil crypts (small pockets which appear on the surface of the tonsils).

Along with tonsil stones, when the debris combine with the volatile sulfur compounds produced by the anaerobic bacteria beneath the surface of your tongue, it can also create chronic Halitosis (and other bad breath and taste disorders).

Important: If you do not have your tonsils then you will not under most circumstances experience tonsil stones. However this does not mean that you should run out and get your tonsils removed.

As we get older, tonsillectomies become increasingly dangerous; however, even if you have your tonsils removed, you will most likely still have bad breath! Why?

The sulfur-producing bacteria breeding beneath the surface of your tongue, which are integral to the creation of those tonsil stones, are the most likely candidates to cause bad breath!

So, even if you have your tonsils removed, unless you remove or hinder these anaerobic bacteria, you may still scare away people with your bad breath!

And, since you can’t have your tongue removed (at least not in the U.S.), there is a better idea. Fortunately, getting rid of tonsil stones is not that difficult…

How to Get Rid of Tonsil Stones

A simple combination of oxygenating tablets and nasal sinus drops will effectively eliminate tonsil stones without unnecessary tonsil surgery. Also, the occasional use of an oxygenating spray will help to immediately neutralize the anaerobic sulfur-producing bacteria on contact.

The Bad Breath Bible states that if you truly want to prevent bad breath then you must use oxygenating toothpastes and mouthwashes, and ideally a tongue scraper to effectively neutralize the anaerobic bacteria from the very back of the tongue.

When you use such an oxygenating toothpaste and mouthwash, you will experience a residual effect from the oxygenating tablets and nasal sinus drops solution, and it will stop the tonsil stones from ever forming again.

According to the California Breath Clinics, which has offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco, research has found that most people following this formula have reported a significant reduction or complete elimination of tonsil stones.

Please check out our article on Bad Breath Causes.

How to get Rid of Bad Breath

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Why TheraBreath Works

By Dr. Harold Katz – BAD BREATH EXPERT

SUMMARY: Why TheraBreath Works So Well

7 Reasons Why TheraBreath is Superior to any other group of Products

Our active ingredient is stabilized and generates oxidizing power as soon as it enters your mouth. This stabilization process allows TheraBreath to have up to a 3 year shelf-life.
[NOTE: Do not be confused by jealous competitors who state that TheraBreath does not contain active chlorine dioxide. Those statements are made to confuse the public. When any of the TheraBreath products enter your mouth, a chemical reaction takes place, which allows PLENTY of fresh oxidation every time you use it. That’s why thousands of TheraBreath kits are sold every week in North America, Asia, Europe, South America, and Australia!]

TheraBreath has become the most “user-friendly” Anti-Halitosis System, featuring an Oral Rinse, Toothpaste, Breath Spray, Concentrated PowerDrops, and Oxygenating Chewing Gum, all designed to attack the root of the problem throughout the day with the utmost of convenience.

Some Breath-refreshing systems rely solely on mouthwash to fight bad breath.

TheraBreath ToothGel also contains Sodium Fluoride which fights decay. Fluoride has also been shown to be an effective de-sensitizing agent. Some of the other “Anti-Halitosis” systems do not contain any Fluoride at all. Before you purchase any “anti-Halitosis” product, make sure to ask if it contains Fluoride.

We have added highly concentrated Whole Leaf Aloe Vera to our toothpaste. Recent research in Asia has shown that Aloe Vera boosts the body’s ability to create collagen, which in turn strengthens weak and swollen gums to heal more quickly. (Bleeding gums provide a protein food source to the bacteria that create bad breath). No other “anti-Halitosis” system contains this form of Aloe Vera to fight this added problem.

Our toothpaste or tooth”gel” does not contain Saccharin. (some other breath-refreshing products do). Saccharin has been shown to be carcinogenic in lab animals. Also, for some people, Saccharin creates a bitter aftertaste, due to one of the chemical compounds produced during Saccharin’s chemical breakdown.

TheraBreath ToothGel does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (a harsh detergent), which has been shown to be related to an increased incidence of canker sores. Almost all toothpastes contain this chemical. Research has shown that SLS should not be used by those who suffer from canker sores. And because the toothpaste does not contain SLS, (which will cause high levels of foam in the mouth), you will be better able to cleanse these odor-causing bacteria from your mouth by being able to brush longer.

Our TheraBreath Toothgel is actually a gel. Chemically speaking, gels are much smaller molecules than pastes, allowing deeper penetration below the tongue surface. TheraBreath toothpaste also contains premiere tooth polishing and whitening agents, in order to keep your smile white and brilliant, but without damaging abrasives. They are cruelty-free and are not harmful to the environment.

Clinical Studies on TheraBreath:

Presented at UCLA – The University of California at Los Angeles – (at the 4th International Conference on Oral Malodor)

The Effects of Oxygenating TheraBreath Products on Bad Breath Patients – Testing of Saliva Production, and Reduction of VSC by Flame Chromatography and Halimeter Values.b

Bacterial production of Hydrogen Sulphide plays the main role in the ethiopathogenesis of bad breath, although there are several minor etiologic factors which also play a role. The anaerobic bacteria live in ideal areas, unreachable by oxygen, such as the back of the throat and tongue, interproximal areas of the teeth, periodontal pockets, and enlarged tonsilla. An oxygenating agent able to act in these regions could provide a benefit in eliminating halitosis.

Our study monitored 25 subjects at the Department of Periodontology of our University Dental School. The subjects all suffered with the most common signs of bad breath and were evaluated both before and after the study using GCF, Halimeter (manufactured by Interscan) readings, and their level of saliva production by a Periotron 8000.

Results showed a statistically significant decrease in Halimeter readings and GCF values, while at the same time increasing their level of saliva production.

Conclusion: TheraBreath products (Oral Rinse, Toothpaste, Breath Spray, Concentrated PowerDrops, and Oxygenating Chewing Gum) are able to scientifically eliminate bad breath (halitosis), while at the same time helping to create more saliva for those who suffer with dry mouth. There is a remedy for your bad breath.

Independent study conducted by the following Doctors: G. Acikgoz, I. Devrim, M. Aldikacti, A. Kayipmaz, G. Keles of the Ondokuz Mayis University Dental School, Samsun Turkey

Why the OXYD-8 version of chlorine dioxide (used exclusively in TheraBreath) provides the longest & strongest relief:

TheraBreath is designed to produce copious amounts of “fresh, Potent” ClO2 “ON DEMAND” exactly where it’s needed – in the oral cavity, throat and tonsils.

Consumption of “FREE” ClO2 leads to replenishment of more “FREE” ClO2 by a simple Le Chatelier shift to the right.

The demand for ClO2 is caused by the presence of the proteins and acids in the anaerobic bacteria and the volatile sulfur compounds they produce. This sensitive trigger mechanism in the OXYD-8 active ingredient in TheraBreath does not require stabilizing elements, bleach (as used in the ProFresh system) or buffers needed in other formulas.

Stop Bad Breath with Our Products!

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TheraBreath products are used by millions of people worldwide. Read some of their success stories below.
“I have been pestered for several years of persistent bad breath (which was very apparent to my wife, but of course not to me). After using TheraBreath toothpaste, mouthwash, nasal drops and chewing gum, I wont have to worry again.”
-Karin Z. (Phoenix, AZ)
“I am 45 years old and have suffered most of my adult life with severe bad breath becasue of chronic sinus problems. Your sinus spray and drops have changed my life for the better. I will be a customer for life to live, love, share and smile.”
-Pat W. (Richmond, KY)
“I have suffered with bad brath for 7 years, going from dentist to dentist trying to find a cure. After just one use, my husband said my bad breath was gone. Your products are truly an answer to my prayers.”
-Michelle V. (Houston, TX)

The TheraBreath System and its products are based on highly potent, but extremely safe Oxyd-VIII. Oxyd-VIII is a refined and properly pH balanced formula derived from a chemical used in water purification for over 100 years, sodium chlorite. Our products have surpassed the older chemical known as active chlorine dioxide, to provide amazing results. The significant improvements have been registered both clinically and from real people just like you, who have switched from one product to another.

[…”Dr. Katz, When I switched from…(one of our competitors) to your new formula I was a bit skeptical, but I wanted to try it to get rid of that lousy taste in my mouth. Thank you for explaining the difference, now my taste is the freshest it’s been in 30 years, and even my grandchildren have started to kiss me again. Thank God for your miracle cure…”]

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Bad Breath Causes and Treatment Help

Do you have bad breath or do you know someone who has chronic bad breath (halitosis)? If so, diagnosing the cause of the bad breath is the first step in treating this condition.

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Learn How Dry Mouth Can Stimulate Bad Breath

Bad breath is something that all of us have. Unfortunately some of us have it much worse then others. There are many things that can cause bad breath. The most common are the types of foods that we eat or drink. But did you know that there are certain common bodily condition that can create it?

Read the rest of this entry

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A Self-Test For Bad Breath

We can’t smell our own bad breath but people we associate with can! The degree of bad breath depends mainly on oral dryness and amount of residual toxins in the mouth.

The simplest method to check whether you have bad breath or not, is to lick the back of your wrist and allow the saliva to dry for some time and smell the area.

Another easy way is to lightly scrape the back of the tongue with an inverted spoon or a piece of dental floss, and to test for the smell of the dried residue.

You may need to ask your spouse to smell your breath and give you a proper opinion.

Of late, highly reliable home tests are made available which test for the presence of polyamines and sulfur compounds on tongue swabs. You may need to test several times in a day to arrive at an average result.

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Dealing With Bad Breath And Sinus Problems

Dealing With Bad Breath And Sinus Problems

Have you ever noticed that your breath smells bad? You know it is bad when you can smell the stench of your own breath. Bad breath can cause many problems in the social and professional aspects of your life. Do you often have a bad taste in your mouth? Perhaps you notice people keeping their distance from you? Well, this too can be a sign of bad breath. Having smelly breath can be very traumatizing for anyone to cope with. You might feel like there is nothing you can do to help correct your problem.

Have people often commented on your bad breath? Maybe they have offered you chewing gum or mints. Have you noticed a white or yellow film developing on the top of your tongue? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you could possibly have a chronic bad breath problem. Don’t feel bad as this problem could be corrected. It should also comfort you to know that millions of individuals all across the United States suffer from the same exact problem. Thankfully, this isn’t an incurable issue. There are a number of doctors out there that will be able to help you get rid of your smelly breath.
Read the rest of this entry

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How to Get Rid of Bad Breath Help!

“Top Rated and Reviewed

Bad Breath Treatments”

Bad Breath Halitosis — Treatment Information

Have you experienced any of the following?
  • People step back from you when you are talking to them,
     or they avoid direct contact with you.
    • You frequently have a bad taste in your mouth. 
      Somebody has commented on your bad breath,
       or offered you mints or chewing gum.
      You experience a white or yellow film on your tongue.
      Your bad breath is interfering with your social
    •  or professional success.
    Have NO Fear HELP is Here!

There are a variety of
Bad Breath Treatment Products!

products listed below can provide the help you are seeking. Plus, we even
have provided a link to a FREE downloadable ebook
on Oral Health Care and Hygiene.

5 Stars:

#1 Pick

product line has been rated vary effective in
the Treatment of Bad Breath and Oral Hygiene in today’s fast
paced world.

This amazing product line was developed by Dr. Katz to solve
chronic bad breath. The truth is that many people suffer from
this condition although in varying degrees. Some people only
have problems after consuming foods with strong odors, others
have killer morning breath. Then there are the individuals plagued
by bad breath  24 hours each and every day.

good new is Therabreath
has a range of oral care products that
deal with each of reasons for bad breath.

* What we
really like about Therabreath is that they provide a FREE
period to try the package of oral health products. You
only pay for the shipping costs and get a full 14 day Trial
period to evaluate the products. So there is really nothing to
lose other than the shipping costs which is only fair.
Free Trail Below contains over $60.00 worth of Products.



4 Stars

#2 Pick

To Quickly And Easily Cure Your

Bad Breath Using Household

Here are some of the secrets you’ll discover
in this exciting report…

A simple 4-step plan you can use TODAY to
get rid of bad breath forever. (You won’t
believe curing bad breath could be this simple… but it
single cause of virtually ALL cases of bad breath
and what you can do to control it… no matter how
serious your condition, or how long you’ve had it. You
need never be self-conscious, or embarrassed, about your
breath again.
Why almost everyone has bad breath
from one time to another… and what you can do about
it, to make sure your breath always stays fresh.
What foods could be triggering your
bad breath. These are NOT just the obvious ones you know
about. Simply cutting down on these foods could be all
you need to make your problem vanish into thin air.
A dirt-cheap solution that extinguishes
— Bad Breath in 90 seconds..

There is a lot of information in this downloadable book
the can help solve your Bad Breath problems.


3 Stars:

#3 Pick

Oral Health Kit Oral Health Kit

Keep your gums healthy, your breath fresh, and your teeth white so you can smile with confidence!

Everything You’ll Need for a Natural,
Beautiful Smile and Great Breath!

The Oral Health Kit from New Vitality includes everything
you need to keep your teeth, gums, and tongue clean so you
can smile with confidence. It utilizes the power of natural
ingredients for a refreshing deep clean that will keep your
mouth healthy and your breath fresh.

Oral Health Kit Benefits

  • Aktive 02 – promotes healthy gums by oxygenating
    the gumline
  • Perio Solution – the effective, non-alcoholic
  • Perio Gel – an oral gel with natural ingredients
  • Toothbrush & Tongue Scraper – supports a
    clean mouth and removes unwanted bacteria

Special Web Savings on New Vitality Health Products

Watch the Video below on How To Tell if You Have BAD

Bad Breath and Oral
Health  – Did You

to Download for FREE!

Did you know certain foods, health conditions and
habits are among the causes of bad breath? Sometimes you can improve bad
breath with proper dental hygiene. But, if simple self-care techniques
don’t solve the problem, you may want to see your dentist to be sure a
more serious condition isn’t causing your bad breath. We recommend the Therabreath

because it was developed by a Dentist named Dr. Katz
who specializes in the treatment of Bad Breath.

Just what is

Halitosis, or more commonly bad breath, are terms
that describe noticeably unpleasant odors exhaled in breathing –
whether the smell is from an oral source or not. Halitosis has a
significant impact – personally and socially – on those who suffer
from it or believe they do (halitophobia), and is estimated to be
the 3rd most frequent reason for seeking dental aid, followed by

periodontal disease and tooth decay.

  • Dental problems. Unhealthy dental hygiene and
    periodontal disease can be a source of bad breath. If you don’t
    brush and floss daily, food particles remain in your mouth, collect
    bacteria and emit hydrogen sulfide vapors. Plus, a form of bacteria
    called (plaque) accumulates on your teeth. If not brushed away,
    plaque can irritate your gums (gingivitis) and cause tooth decay.
    Eventually, plaque-filled pockets can form between your teeth and
    gums (periodontitis), making the problem and your breath worse.
    Dentures that aren’t cleaned properly or don’t fit can also harbor
    odor-causing bacteria and food particles.
  • Food. The breakdown of food
    particles in and around your teeth can cause a foul odor. Eating
    foods containing volatile oils is another source of bad breath.
    Onions and garlic are the best-known examples, but other vegetables
    and spices also can cause bad breath. After these foods are digested
    and the pungent oils are absorbed into your bloodstream, they’re
    carried to your lungs and are given off in your breath until the
    food is eliminated from your body. Onions and garlic can cause bad
    breath for as long as 72 hours after you’ve eaten them.
  • Dry mouth. Saliva keeps the
    mouth clean and moist. Dry mouth allows dead cells to accumulate on
    your tongue, gums and cheeks. These cells decompose and cause odor.
    A dry mouth can naturally occur during sleep. This is what causes
    “morning breath.” Dry mouth is even more of a problem if
    you sleep with your mouth open. Some medications as well as smoking
    can lead to a chronic dry mouth, as can a problem with your salivary
  • Mouth, nose and throat conditions.
    Bad breath is also associated with sinus infections because nasal
    discharge from your sinuses into the back of your throat can cause
    mouth odor. A child with bad breath may have a foreign object lodged
    in his or her nose. A bean or small item stuck in the nose can cause
    persistent nasal discharge and a foul odor. Throat infections can
    cause bad breath until they clear. Bronchitis and other upper
    respiratory infections in which you cough up odorous sputum are
    other sources of bad breath.
  • Diseases. Chronic lung
    infections and lung abscesses can produce very foul-smelling breath.
    Illnesses, such as some cancers and certain metabolic disorders, can
    cause a distinctive breath odor. Kidney failure can cause a
    urine-like odor, and liver failure may cause an odor described as
    “fishy.” People with uncontrolled diabetes often have a
    fruity breath odor. Chronic reflux of stomach acids from your
    stomach (gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD) also has been
    associated with bad breath.
  • Heavy dieting. Dieters may
    develop unpleasant “fruity” breath from ketoacidosis, the
    breakdown of chemicals during fasting.
  • Tobacco products. Smoking
    dries out your mouth and causes its own unpleasant mouth odor.
    Tobacco users are also more likely to have periodontal disease, an
    additional source of bad breath.

Based on all the facts
and Treatments regarding Bad Breath and Halitosis we recommend giving
the Therabreath
a test drive. You have nothing to lose and
everything to gain.

Rights Reserved Worldwide.

This website is for informational and advertising purposes. Always consult
a medical professional before starting any type of treatment plan.


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If you are going to take the advice of anyone regarding how to cure bad breath then make sure it is from someone who has years of experience.  This is because the condition of halitosis is complicated and requires advice based on proper research.  Almost everyone is concerned about having bad breath.  Some imagine they have bad breath while others do have bad breath and are unaware of it.

There is a way to cure bad breath and also to ensure bad breath is kept away.  This can be done if you use the right products.  It is becoming known that the best products for both curing and maintaining fresh breath must have two important ingredients.  These are Aloe Vera and oxygen.  The Aloe Vera will heal bleeding and inflamed gums.  The oxygen prevents a dry mouth.

Having healthy gums that don’t bleed and having a mouth that is properly lubricated with saliva are important factors in erasing the bacteria that cause breath to smell bad.  To get all the information you need on how to cure bad breath read the book The Bad Breath Bible that is completely free of charge.  The patented line of products containing oxygen and Aloe Vera is TheraBreath.

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Cures for Bad Breath: Do They Work?

All the so called cures for bad breath do not give you this piece of information.  The most potent ingredient for fighting bad breath is oxygen.  If you have a dry mouth it is because you do not have sufficient saliva.  Having too little saliva means you don’t have enough oxygen.  When this happens the condition inside your mouth is exactly right for bacteria that give off sulfur.  When there is less oxygen inside the mouth the bacteria can make more and more sulfur which is a gas.  This gas smells awful and it leaves a very bad taste in your mouth.

Trying out countless cures for bad breath will become a thing of the past once you start using a gel, mouthwash and drops that contain oxygen.  The oxygen is added in the form of a patented ingredient called Oxy-8.  There is only one label that does this and it has been created by Dr Katz who is an expert on treating the condition of halitosis.  He does not subject sufferers to experimenting with cures for bad breath that do not last.  All the information he has discovered through study and research can be read in the free book The Bad Breath Bible.  His oxygen filled products are called TheraBreath.

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Bad Breath Remedy and Hygiene

It does take a very long time to get through all the products available in pharmacies before you find one that is suitable.  It takes just as much time to work through all the home remedies that are passed from generation to generation.  The vast majority of these products and home remedies do not have a permanent effect.  They simply mask the bad odor for a short time.

It really does make life easier if you can go straight to an expert and get the best bad breath remedy on the market.  If you have breath that smells bad then you need to know it is going to take a special routine that you must follow every day when cleaning your teeth.  You can follow a step by step guide to get your mouth as clean as possible.  The reason you need to be very particular about oral hygiene is because you must get rid of bad bacteria that grows inside the mouth.  In order to get rid of the bacteria you have to keep your mouth and teeth free of food particles.

The kinds of products you use for your bad breath remedy are very important.  You must have a device to scrape the tongue, a toothbrush and floss.  You must also have paste or gel and mouthwash that are safe to use and effective in getting rid of bad bacteria.  If you want success then use The Bad Breath Bible for information and use TheraBreath products for fresh breath.

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