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Learn How Dry Mouth Can Stimulate Bad Breath

Bad breath is something that all of us have. Unfortunately some of us have it much worse then others. There are many things that can cause bad breath. The most common are the types of foods that we eat or drink. But did you know that there are certain common bodily condition that can create it?

Anyone who suffers from a dry mouth will also most likely battle with bad breath. Many people do not connect the two together – but according to health experts the bad breath is caused by the dry mouth. Saliva is important to people because it produces enzymes that help to digest the food we eat, balances the pH or acid levels in the mouth, and produces high amounts of oxygen that helps to keep the oral tissues healthy.

People who with dry mouths are obviously lacking the amount of saliva that is needed to keep the mouth healthy and to provide it with enough oxygen. Without the necessary amount of oxygen the oral tissues are not as healthy as they should be and it will allow the bacteria that causes bad breath to flourish.

The type of tongue that you are born with could determine whether or not you will be at a higher risk of dry mouth and bad breath. Someone with a tongue that has a deep line going down the middle of it is at a high risk for bad breath. This is because the bacteria will sit at the bottom of the groove where the oxygen cannot reach. The best way to avert bad breath is to use a tongue scrapper.

People who have tongues that are considered to be ‘hairy’ should also be careful. Every tongue has fibers on the surface. Someone with a ‘hairy’ tongue will have longer fibers and can hold onto the bacteria. This does not allow your body from getting rid of it.

There are certain things you can do that will help to reduce your cause of bad breath in people who suffer from dry mouths. The first thing you should do is refrain from using certain oral products this includes:

No citrus juices
No smoking

It is possible that your dry mouth is being caused by other medical condition such as diabetes or thyroid problems. You should discuss the problem with your doctor and ask them for a solution to help cure both the dry mouth and the bad breath.

By: Naomi West

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