Are you worried that bad breath will have a negative impact on your life? Treating bad breath, or halitosis, has become a multi billion-dollar business. Several types of bad-breath products are on the market, with many of them claiming that they can prevent bad breath.  

Before curing bad breath, you need to know what causes it. You can reduce bacteria in your mouth by brushing, flossing and using mouthwash. Bacteria releases sulfur compounds in your mouth, thus creating bad breath.

Still other bad breath sources exist. Onions and garlic have strong oils that release from your lungs, then out of your mouth. Also, untreated dental cavities can cause bad breath. Then there’s hypochlohydria, which creates less stomach acid. Finally, cigars and cigarettes can also create the need to prevent bad breath.   

What works and what doesn’t work when treating bad breath? Firstly, you should note that mouthwashes can reduce bad breath, but they only kill germs and lower plague in the short term.

Also, brushing your teeth won’t prevent bad breath per se. You should brush for two minutes, brush properly, and also use dental floss.

Yes, you should prevent having bad breath. But you should also know what causes it, and which treatments don’t truly eliminate bad breath.

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