Although most people say that Listerine as an effective toenail fungus cure is a myth, many will tell you that it absolutely does work. Can it really help you cure your foot problems? Most people agree that it might have some effect on very minor fungal infections. However, it is not effective at all on moderate to severe infections.

The cost of purchasing bottle after bottle of Listerine in order to cure your toenail fungus can be quite expensive. For a toenail fungus cure, you will need to take a foot bath filled with Listerine at least once per day for as long as possible. A single bottle of Listerine can cost a few dollars. You will likely go through four bottles per week, and the costs can really add up.

You will need to fully dedicate yourself to taking the regular footbaths if you want it to work for you at all. If you take any time off from this regimen, then the fungus that was killed will grow back. Then you will have to start over.

Most people don’t like the idea of wasting large amounts of money on an unproven treatment. Why use an unproven one, when you can use a proven treatment? Anti-fungal creams like Miracle Plus are designed specifically for curing toenail fungus. They have been proven to work, and so are a much better option than a household remedy that will cost you a lot more in the long run.

So, does Listerine work well as a toenail fungus cure? Although it might work on very minor infections, it should not be used for moderate or severe infections. There is no scientific evidence that supports it works at all. You could end up spending a lot of money on a bunch of mouth wash that will go to waste on your feet.

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