Is Curing Bad Breath All About a Trip to the Dentist?

Though they know full well they should, the majority of Americans don’t visit the dentist sufficiently regularly.  Usually what drives us to the dentist’s office these days is an aching tooth or infected gums.  Sometimes it’s because we’ve been told or have otherwise learned that we have halitosis, and believe that curing bad breath creates a need to see the dentist.  Well, maybe that isn’t so.

It is in most cases because in most cases offensive breath comes from our mouth alone.  Strangely though, there are people who, despite being most stringent about oral hygiene, still have an offensive breath.  So why is this?

Oddly enough bad breath can actually be coming via the mouth from the lungs.  Should this be so, it is probably the result of your current food and beverage intake.  This is because smelly odors that are a by-product of the digestive process can be carried via the bloodstream to the lungs and vented in the outgoing breath.
Another possibility is that your halitosis is the result of offensive gases being generated by other organs of the body because of illness or disease.  Bad breath caused by diabetes is one such example.

So you see it is quite possible that you will need to see your doctor or a dietician as well as your dentist.

Meanwhile you can make some headway with controlling your halitosis by using commercial medications that are designed to manage dental hygiene from the inside out.  It is a good idea to think seriously about these, and if you do, make sure that the manufacturer is highly rated by the Better Business Bureau and that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee on their product.   

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