How [Do I] Cure Bad Breath?

Bad breath is a continual problem for a surprisingly large segment of the population and can create embarrassing situations; not only socially, but professionally.

So, how do we cure bad breath?

I’d like just to look at the most usual cause of bad breath: the lack of effective oral hygiene.  To put it bluntly, most people just don’t brush their teeth often enough. They intend to—but they don’t often follow their good intentions

 It is vital to realize that the buildup of plaque and bacteria is a continuous 24/7/365 process. It simply never stops. And if we don’t interrupt this process by effective cleansing of the teeth, we develop caries, gingivitis and intimately periodontitis.

Plaque build-up, teeth with cavities (caries), gingivitis and periodontitis are all capable of generating bad breath.

And we can stop all that occurring by simply brushing and flossing out teeth at least daily.

But it’s a much better idea to do that after every meal and again before going to bed. This will prevent the build-up of plaque getting to the stage where bad things start to happen.

It is important to use toothpaste that contains fluoride as this ensures a strengthening of the tooth enamel.

Another critical and often overlooked practice is to clean the larger spaces between the teeth with mini-brushes such as ‘Picksters’.

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