Do You Have Chronic Bad Breath?

Chronic bad breath is not the sort of thing that, if we have it, we can expect people to tell us about.  It is a good friend indeed who can muster the courage to warn us of the fact that our breath is offensive.

On the other hand we also find it very difficult to ask somebody if we are giving offence.  It just isn’t the sort of thing is easy to do.

But one way or the other, if we are cursed with this malady, we eventually find out about it and are then faced with the question: what to do?

Chronic bad breath is a condition that is traditionally treated orally in the first instance.  Treatment is usually self-generated and consists of a frenzy of teeth cleaning and flossing followed by the multi-daily mouthwashes and continuous gum chewing.

If that doesn’t have the desired effect, the next step usually  is to visit the dentist to have a check on our teeth and gums so as to rule out the possibility of the odor arising from those places.

 What is not generally recognized is that halitosis can actually be caused by the food we eat simply because some foods or combinations of foods can generate offensive gases in the stomach which can then be transmitted to the bloodstream and carried to the lungs thus causing the offensive breath.

Establishing what food or foods can cause this problem in individual cases can be a very long drawn-out affair and a supplementary aid may be indicated.  Such a supplement is Clorial, which manages oral hygiene from the inside out, Progressive Health’s potent halitosis formula helps to combat your problem safely and effectively.  Click here to seehow Clorial can help you — fast!


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