Have you tried just about everything to treat bad breath only to find out nothing works? What’s worse, not only did the things you pinned your hopes on NOT work, they actually made matters worse by aggravating the problem! Suddenly, your breath went from slightly disturbing to nauseating! Sounds like something you would rather not worry over? You don’t have to, if you avoid these 5 things many before you thought they could use to treat bad breath.

1.  Gum. Sure, that gum you’re chewing tastes minty but do you know it increases the acids in your mouth? In other words, it’s heightening, not reducing, the stink factor.

2. Mouthwash. Alcohol-based mouthwash dries up the mouth and makes it a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria.

3. Kerosene. Believe it or not, people have actually used kerosene as a mouth rinse! Don’t try it at home. Aside from the obvious – that kerosene is a highly dangerous liquid to begin with – it’s poisonous and doesn’t do anything to get rid of your halitosis.  

Just because you’re desperate to treat bad breath doesn’t mean you should try anything and everything. Stick to the remedies that are backed by science. You can’t go wrong when you do!

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