All the so called cures for bad breath do not give you this piece of information.  The most potent ingredient for fighting bad breath is oxygen.  If you have a dry mouth it is because you do not have sufficient saliva.  Having too little saliva means you don’t have enough oxygen.  When this happens the condition inside your mouth is exactly right for bacteria that give off sulfur.  When there is less oxygen inside the mouth the bacteria can make more and more sulfur which is a gas.  This gas smells awful and it leaves a very bad taste in your mouth.

Trying out countless cures for bad breath will become a thing of the past once you start using a gel, mouthwash and drops that contain oxygen.  The oxygen is added in the form of a patented ingredient called Oxy-8.  There is only one label that does this and it has been created by Dr Katz who is an expert on treating the condition of halitosis.  He does not subject sufferers to experimenting with cures for bad breath that do not last.  All the information he has discovered through study and research can be read in the free book The Bad Breath Bible.  His oxygen filled products are called TheraBreath.

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