Have you are asked yourself: can you cure bad breath?  And then gone on to search the Internet for means of eliminating your problem?  Probably.  Most people do.  They find it difficult to discuss the matter with other people.

It’s certainly fortunate to have the Internet to pursue this kind of personal research.  We can also use the Internet to purchase products with which we can treat problems such as halitosis.  The first thing though, is to understand the probable cause of our bad breath, because it needs to be treated on one of two fronts:

The first front is to be absolutely certain that your oral hygiene is truly effective; the next, to consult with your dentist and eliminate any possibility of gum disease or dental caries.  If these things are done you can rest assured that the problem does not stem from your mouth.

The second front, surprisingly, is your stomach. Odors from your stomach contents are prevented from escaping back to your mouth via the esophagus because of a little one way valve where the esophagus joins the stomach that prevents that from occurring.  However those same odors can be transferred by the bloodstream to the lungs where they will most certainly taint the breath.

If  this is the cause of your bad breath you will need to apply yourself to some research, coupled with trial and error, to identify the food and/or drink that is causing your embarrassment.
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