People can offer react rather angrily when told that they have an offensive breath. This is understandable because it’s a time when the truth really does hurt.  And so they often deny their condition, seeking for some justification for what they’ve been told: perhaps their well-intentioned friend was joking?  But eventually reality wins the day and they recognize that they do have a problem and start looking for a bad breath natural remedy.

And they often discover that even though they may brush and floss several times a day, the problem just doesn’t go away.  Generally this is because ineffective dental hygiene isn’t necessarily the cause.  Almost invariably, the condition is not related to the mouth at all!
Probably the oldest bad breath natural remedy is to clean the teeth with baking soda.  Baking soda is a traditional domestic general-purpose cleaner and it was once quite commonly used as a means of cleaning teeth.  It may have done more harm than good however because it is believed to be injurious to tooth enamel.
The fact is that some people have an offensive breath in spite of utilizing the most effective teeth cleaning program simply because the fetid breath is actually coming from the lungs.  How so?  Well sometimes foul air inside your stomach can be released into the blood stream which carries it to the lungs where it permeates the breath.

If you have a halitosis problem and are sure that the cause is not ineffective dental hygiene or a disorder such as periodontitis your wisest course is to consult your doctor.

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