You do not have to live like a pariah just because your breath reeks of garlic. There are many remedies that you can try, and you do not have to look far and wide for a bad breath natural remedy. As a matter of fact, your kitchen is a great source of bad breath natural remedy. Here are the top three that are most likely to be only within an arm’s length away.

1. Lemon. Who does not have lemons? Grab one, sprinkle salt on a wedge, and suck it. You will be surprised how quickly it freshens your breath!

2. Sage. Sage’s essential oils have antibacterial properties. All you have to do is chew on one to neutralize the stench in your mouth, and voila! You can enjoy nice, fresh breath all day long!

3. Mint leaves or parsley. Put the cool and minty taste to work by chewing parsley or mint leaves. These two work great at reducing the production of intestinal gas. So go ahead, chew on vinegar-dipped parsley sprigs. Your mouth will than you for it.

People have been using the bad breath natural remedy of their choice for quite some time. Have you found yours, if you have not, don’t stop looking?

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