Home remedies for bad breath are many.  Some are very good.  Some are, well… not very good.  And some are best forgotten about.

So let us just deal with the very good ones. And the best of these is the one that’s used the most.

And it is used most because it is designed to combat the most common cause of bad breath, which is simply poor [or nonexistent] oral hygiene.

Let’s say right this minute your teeth are scrupulously clean.  Within five minutes dental plaque will begin to build up on your teeth and the bacteria that live in your mouth will begin to colonize that plaque. These bacteria just love carbohydrates such as soft drinks, milk, cakes, candy and raisins and if you don’t clean your teeth and so remove these bacteria their population will explode. 

Within seven to 14 days you who see inflammation of your gums, and within 14 and 21 days there will be obvious signs of a common disease of the gums: gingivitis. 

In addition those bacteria will be destroying your tooth enamel, resulting eventually in tooth decay.

All these processes cause bad breath and when taken together, they produce chronic bad breath.

Obviously then, sound oral hygiene is the leading home remedy for bad breath.

Sound oral hygiene will result by following these steps:

•    Brush your teeth at least twice daily; preferably after each meal and before retiring
•    Use toothpaste that contains fluoride
•    Floss between your teeth at least once a day — preferably after each meal, in order to remove pieces of food
•    Speak to your dentist and obtain some of those mini-brushes that are used to clean the larger gaps between your teeth.

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