Do you suffer from diabetes?

If you do not…

But you still have bad breath, even your oral hygiene is first class and are diligent about eating and drinking foods and beverages promote bad breath, it’s possible, and only possible, i that you have diabetes.

If you do…

You may not know that diabetes can cause bad breath. The good news is though is that it’s fixable.

You will know how important it is to be continually aware of your blood sugar levels. But did you know that desired blood sugar can be maintained by adopting a healthy diet?

No special diet is needed. Just:

•    Be sure to eat a minimum of 4.5 oz (130 grams) of high fiber carbohydrates daily (bread, pasta, rice, cereals, starchy vegetables and fruit)
•    Avoid full fat dairy products (milk, cream, butter, cheese, ice-cream, yoghurt), meat fat, meat products, fried foods, pastries and cakes
•    Abstain from alcohol, soda drinks and candy
•    Drink lots of water

Basically the deal is that if you follow what you know is the appropriate way to control your blood sugar levels, control of your halitosis will be an automatic spin-off.

But this is not always easy to do and it is comforting to have a back-up strategy in case of real need.



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