An amazingly large segment of adult Americans suffer the embarrassment of halitosis and have done since their teenage years.  When they eventually become aware of their problem they begin searching for means to eradicate the cause of their plight and in doing so discover the bad breath home remedies that permeate the Web.  Quite naturally they question their efficacy.

 A large proportion of these remedies are based upon the complete sanitization of the mouth or using medications that are meant to neutralize odors in the stomach.  This last is an important point because most of the people who suffer from bad breath are not guilty of ineffective oral hygiene.  Their problem is actually originating in the stomach, and so any bad breath home remedies that they may use that rely on appropriate diet are heading in the right direction.

 It is beyond argument that regular visits to your dentist combined with affective oral hygiene will lessen the chance of bad breath, but there is still a great number of people who, whilst observing close attention to these two facets are still, nevertheless, the victims of halitosis.

 I am often asked if there are any home medications that will mitigate against stomach-gas-induced bad breath — unfortunately my answer is always that I have not found any, in spite of extensive research.  However there are a number of commercial medications that are highly regarded and they definitely deserve close attention especially if they are of good report with the Better Business Bureau and provide credible money-back guarantees.

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