Very often when people discover that they have bad breath they are left wondering what to do next.  A lot of people ramp up their dental hygiene, devour mints, chew gum and hurriedly visited their dentist.  But this may not be the bad breath solution your case requires.

The bad breath that follows a spicy meal is very different to the chronic bad breath that plagues some people all their lives.  This particular bad breath is generated by organs in your body that are not working as they should.  For example diabetes and liver or kidney disorders can be responsible or contributing factors.

What you should do here, apart from ensuring your oral hygiene is up to the mark, is to have your dentist check you out for gum infection and caries, and have your doctor examine you for physical disorders is that could be causing your halitosis.  As a result of this you may need to come to some conclusions as to what foods and beverages may be causing your bad breath.

While all this is going on, it would be advisable to use a commercially available medication as a supplementary aid.  There are a number of reputable products available on the Internet that will overcome your difficulties.

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